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2020 marks 47 years for Randy Plummer to perform in Branson, Missouri. In the early days in 1971, Randy and his Parents, Darrell & Rosie Plummer and sister Melody came to Branson on a family vacation with friends and fellow entertainers, Harold & Kathy Goad who are now called, The Village Singers. While on vacation, Harold who had previously acted in Branson’s, Shepherd of the Hills Play, asked the Baldknobber’s Show and The Presley’s Show if he and Melody & Randy could make a special guest appearance on their shows and they graciously let them on their stages.

The Plummer’s fell in love with the Branson area and the following year in 1972, Darrell & Rosie Plummer bought a theater on highway 76 between The Baldknobber’s and The Presley’s Theatres and along with Melody & Randy opened The Plummer Family Country Music Show on May 26, 1973. The Plummer Family Show ran for 18 years and closed in October 1990. All the family except Randy moved to southeast Missouri to the Farmington & Knob Lick area in St. Francois County. Randy stayed in Branson to continue his music career as a singer/songwriter/bass player, and an author of family books. 

He can currently be found performing on James Garrett’s 10 Am, A Tribute To John Denver Show at The Little Opry Theater inside the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. For over 20 years he performed on the Max Bacon Family’s Sunday Gospel Jubilee and the Max Bacon Family’s Ozark Mountain Jubilee at the Grand Country Music Hall in Branson, MO. He is continuing the Plummer Family legacy that he grew up with when performing with his Dad, Darrell, Mother Rosie and Sister Melody as the Darrell Plummer Family, which began in 1964 in the little country community of Knob Lick, MO.

Randy’s first book, SNOWDEER ® Christmas Story-both available in book & 2 Cd Set containing the audio version and songs from the story, tells the story of SNOWDEER-a 7 year old solid white young buck who lives in the woods called Doe Run. His Christmas wish is to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to all of the children and animals in the world. Plum Puddin’ who is his friend from Possum Holler-over by Knob Lick, helps SNOWDEER by taking his Wish letter to Santa.

Randy’s 2nd book and 2 CD Set of the audio version called, The Adventures of Snowdeer, Plum Puddin’ & Purple Mouse, is the continuing Saga of the SNOWDEER legacy. Both books are available on Amazon, Kindle & Barnes & Noble. You can order the books or 2 CD Sets of the stories straight from Randy Plummer too. The soft back books or CD’s are $15.oo each and checks or money orders are accepted. Please send any orders to, Randy Plummer, Box 1144, Branson, MO 65616
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